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November 04, 2007



Keep talking to strangers when you get back dahn sarf. If your state of mind is right, people are friendly just about everywhere*. We metropolitans aren't all c**ts. Just most of us.

Cheers for a top weekend and for sniffing out a couple of qualidy boozers. I'll be back...

* excludes Picadilly Circus and Camden.


ps have you been back to the olive tree?

Little More

Ah, Ant, a quality establishment indeed. Went Back to the Old Olive Bush (In Flecknoe, Pub Fans) the other night. They had a pub skittles match on so we were surrounded by portly men chucking stuff at the wall and eating sausage casserole, you would have loved it, mate. I must write a post dedicated to that boozer...in fact I might do a Top Five Boozers entry. Better do a bit more research first. Now where's me coat?


here's a link to the photos. what a q weekend - missing life on the ocean wave already


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