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November 25, 2007


Andrew Smith

Of course if you visit Milton Keynes by narrowboat then you can moor in the middle of a large park and have a pleasant walk through that park to the shopping centre! Having traversed the roundabouts of MK by car on many occasions and failed to find the centre of MK by car on others, I definitely prefer the canal way.

Rob Baillie

I can remember visiting my old mate Simon when he lived in Milton Keynes. I was very freaked on a pub crawl that involved us trawling through almost completely empty and shut shopping centres to go to pubs that had artificial plants in their artificial beer gardens under specially dimmed artifical lights.

I came away convinced that the town is actually a complete fiction and there there aren't actually any people living there. They're all just holograms, and the reason you never see anyone outside (except in cars) is because they haven't managed to design an outdoor hologram generator thingy yet. I defy you to prove me wrong.

James Robbins

Milton Keynes wasn't just spewed on by Tarmac and didn't come to be by the merging of once smaller and more charming settlements, it was designed and constructed to be like that from day one!

Someone, somewhere (presumably outside of MK as it wasn't yet built) at sometime (i can't remember when but not that long ago) thought that this was the future of towns, and all future towns were going to built in a similar vein. It is a "New Town". Fortunately whichever Town planner this was ran out of the drugs he was using to brain wash and influence his colleagues and teh idea didn't take off. I think there is one other similar town in England, but i have conveniently erased it's location from my memory. Ask Lou she'll know.

Great sentiments about the cars, and all very true, but Debs, you'll need to get more than the readership of this blog onboard before you get far with teh biking walking piggy backing or narrow boating transit options for the future!

Little More

Ah, holograms, holograms. You might just have a point there, Bob. You know what it made me think, though? That I wish I had just sent a hologram of myself to go and buy 4 pints of milk and a Starbar in Milton Keynes rather than having to enter that twilight world of plastic plants myself. Actually, since James is depressingly correct about the chance of my starting a piggyback-revolution, I suggest two things that might help: one, get scientists to generate holographic cars that make virtual journeys for our holographic selves, and two, tell everyone you know who might be thinking of driving to Milton Keynes not to bother. They aren't missing much. That should get the old carbon footprint down.

O'course, I could just make an effort to get more readers; start a Piggyback Revolution...

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