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July 05, 2007


Green Fairy

I told you someone would move into your flat in time!! :-)

Andrew Beacock

Good luck to you both, and please keep up the blogging.
Hope to catch up with you within the early weeks...

The Partridges

Let us know if you're sailing near to or over the top of Sheffield (literally) and we'll come and see you - you might end up with two kids for your entire journey though! Much love.

Nick D

Hurray! You are finally setting sail (well almost) so best of luck to both of you and will keep checking the blog so that we can come and see you when you're near. Awl-love XXX



Debs & Alan - this is a great idea.... TEH BEST!!!11

I look forward to your tales of high adventure on the high seas, of drinking rum and fighting off pirates, of discovering new and exciting lands and journeys into the very heart of darkness.

Are you going to write about it? this is just great:

Chapter one, setting off - 'It was the best of boats, it was the worst of boats'

Chapter two, developing the characters - 'Call me Ishmael'.

Chapter three, rochdale canal - 'The horror! The horror!"

Chapter four, tensions on the boat rise - 'Reader, I battered him'

Chapter five, inspiration for writing gets harder to come by - 'it was a dark and stormy night'

chapter six, contentment - 'It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done'

this thing writes itself.

all the best to both of you and I look forward to seeing you on your boat and reading your blog.

auntie jeannie

Hi guys,

just been reading the life story of you and little more hahahah, it was lovely ro see you.
Alan you look the part and i think your going to find it hard to give up your little more.
Deb love ya kid, you, i reckon after a few weeks will be begging for your flat back hahaah only kidding hun.

Love the boat i really enjoyed spending some time with you.
Keep safe and see you at xmas when you get to manchester hahaah
Bye for now love you loads xxxxx

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